Keenime is a community of webcomics and webcomic artists. United by a love of anime and by comics that feature anime and manga influenced styles and themes, Keenime members participate in open-forum discussions, contests, special events and the Keenime Dropdown, a listing of all of the member's webcomics that is displayed on each members site.

This chat window should allow you to chat on the server in the chat room #keenime. You may be a bit lonely if you don't invite any friends, though. You can also try connecting to the #keenspace channel if no one is in #keenime. You can connect to #keenime using your own IRC software by connecting to irc:// Connect to #keenspace by typing /join #keenspace in the chat window.

Chat applet is "Plouf's Java IRC Client Applet" under the GNUGPL.